Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 7th, 2013

In an effort to avoid my essay assignment and my eminent second failure of College Algebra, I've decided to start a blog that is purely about me. I have been consistently told by someone whom I respect very highly to do what makes me, well... me. A month or so ago, I realized that posting my opinions or feelings publicly is generally a poor decision, but having an outlet is necessary. I own several journal's and write in the constantly, but with a laptop as a constant companion, I feel it is best to pick up where I left off in the blogging world. It's been quite hard recently to stay inspired, especially since it's the summer in the Midwest and it's been hot and humid (Two things I hate more than anything in the whole world). Taking pictures is a no-no, I work way too much, and I'm ultimately too flake-y to keep any plans with anyone other than my boyfriend (Whom I see less than once a month P.S. That sucks). It's only a matter of time before school starts, 42 days according to my handy timer app, and I will have classes about old dead guys and art to push me to stay on top of things.

Currently, I am obsessed with Lana Del Ray's album Born To Die: Paradise addition. This album has been the sound track of my summer, and I know it's particularly late to be fawning over an album that's been out for more than a year.

Until next time.

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